Food Preservation with Australia's #1 Portable Vacuum Food Sealer

Preserve your perishables and leftovers effortlessly with Australia's #1 portable vacuum food sealer, the Turbo Seal Pro. Say goodbye to bulky plastic containers and hello to vacuum sealer bags that reduce freezer burn, lock in freshness and flavor, and save fridge or freezer space.

Keep Food Fresher for Longer with Seal It's Food Vacuum Sealer and Bags

We've all done it; we bought food we fully intended to eat that ended up getting thrown in the bin because it's sat around too long. Our vacuum seal, food saver bags put an end to unnecessary wastage as these sealer bags keep food fresher up to 5x longer. With the ease and convenience of our BPA-free food sealer bags, you can store everything from small snacks to complete meals using high-quality bags.

Save Money with Seal It's Portable Vacuum Sealer and Bags

Our vacuum seal bags for food provide the user with a super convenient method of extending the food's life while maintaining the flavour and nutritional value. The investment into a Turbo Seal Pro and food vacuum bags is a genuine money saver, given the price of a weekly grocery haul. Domestic food waste is a considerable concern, making our vacuum storage seal bags an immense money saver and eco-friendly, as you can use food sealer bags again and again!

Prep Meals in Advance with the Best Vacuum Bag Sealer Australia Offers!

You may work long hours, have a super busy lifestyle with kids, be a fitness lover or have strict dietary requirements. Whatever your lifestyle, we've got the best vacuum bag sealer in Australia that allows you to prep meals in advance for ultimate convenience. Using our food saver bag vac, you can prepare and store your favourite meals days, weeks, or even months in advance so they are readily available and as fresh as the day they were cooked when it's time to eat them.




The Turbo Seal Pro vacuum sealer and bags provide the definitive solution for preserving your fruits and vegetables. Our food vacuum bags help seal in the freshness, extend shelf life, and help retain vital vitamins, minerals, and phytochemicals. Our portable vacuum sealer and bags ensure you have healthy, nutritious, and delicious produce, ready to eat when you want it.


Retain flavour and freshness with our food vacuum seal bags and keep your meat and seafood at their best. No more worrying about best-before dates. Our Turbo Seal Pro and food vacuum bags help extend shelf life, prevent freezer burn, and preserve the quality of foods to ensure you can enjoy a mouthwatering meal at your convenience.


Marinating is made effortless with our vacuum pack sealer bags, and it's your route to enjoying delicious meals every time. As well as our sealer bags allowing food to be fully covered, the vacuum created within the bags separates the meat fibres and allows the food to take on a depth of flavour that usually requires hours, not minutes, to infuse. 


Advanced meal prep is perfect for fitness lovers, busy professionals, and bustling families. The Turbo Seal Pro and vacuum pack sealer bags enable you to reclaim some precious time when you prep meals in advance and store them in sealer bags. You can seal in freshness, maintain nutritional value, and ensure you have healthy meals to support your lifestyle.


Turbo Seal Pro and its vacuum seal bags for food make lunchtime a breeze! Our food vacuum seal bags are perfect for sending the little ones off to school with no more soggy sandwiches, floppy carrot sticks, or browning apple slices. Our vacuum storage seal bags maintain nutritional value and flavour so your children get a healthy, tasty lunch.


Revise your working lunch with the Turbo Seal Pro and the best vacuum pack bags on the market. With small and large vacuum pack bags, you can keep your meals fresh and flavourful and make dining at work, whether in the office or on a construction site, a delight. From pre-cooked meals and sandwiches to fruit and veg, you can enjoy tasty, nutritious food wherever you are.

Why is Seal It the Top Portable Vacuum Sealer in Australia?

Our portable vacuum sealer system does it all! The Turbo Seal Pro is a super helpful portable vacuum sealer that allows you to conveniently enjoy fresh, flavourful, nutrient-filled foods whenever you want while saving money and being eco-friendly. You'll save a small fortune using our washable vacuum pack bags for food. You will no longer need to continually dispose of decayed meat, seafood, fruit, vegetables, and bread products.

Customer Reviews

Based on 80 reviews
Still hasn’t arrived

Ordered mine weeks ago - still waiting. Have sent several emails but had no reply.

Hi Nicole, thanks for leaving your review as it helps me create a better product and provide a better Seal It service. I have sent you a private email with more detail about your delivery and my sincere apology for the massive delay you have had, we will be better next time.

Enjoy your week.

Chris | CEO Seal It

very durable

I've been using the Sealit vacuum sealer for a few months now and I'm impressed with its performance. The bags are durable and the sealer is easy to use.

Mum of 4, perfect as im Busy

The Sealit vacuum sealer is a game-changer for busy families. The reusable bags are a convenient way to store food.

Meal Prepping is so much easier

Sealit has made meal prepping so much easier. The vacuum sealer and reusable bags are a perfect combination.

so much better than another one ive tried

I've tried other vacuum sealers, but none compare. The bags are durable and the sealer is easy to use.

very quick shipping

I'm happy with the shipping experience for my Sealit vacuum sealer and reusable bags. The products arrived on time and in great condition, thanks to the careful packaging.


Love this vacuum sealer, it's not bulky, it's easy to use, my only criticism is it didn't come with a mini tool to seal the bag before the vacuum seal, I have arthritis in my hands and would find it easier to close the bag with one. I thoroughly recommend this product.

Hi Sara,
Thanks for your review. We're so glad to hear that you love the product! In the box their should have been a little white clip which is used to seal up the bag. If you can please send us an email if you don't have that and we'll send you out a new one.

Perfect, just need bigger bags

Perfect product! If you guys had massive storage bags it would be even better.

Portable Food Vacuum Sealer with Bags FAQs

How do Seal It's food vacuum sealer and bags contribute to reducing household food waste in Australia?

Our food-saver bag vac is revolutionising how people view the groceries they buy and how to store them. We've all bought a steak or piece of chicken to cook, but three days later, we find it in the fridge, and it's turning green and smelling less than perfect. Recent studies show that an average family of four wastes about $1500 manually on wasted food, dramatically impacting a family's budget and our environment. Our portable food vacuum sealer and bags allow you to cook and store foods up to five times longer than other methods. Using vacuum pack bags for food reduces waste, and the user gets to enjoy the food they've paid for, whether now or in several months, without that food losing its flavour or nutritional value.

Can the food saver vacuum sealer from Seal It extend the shelf life of fruits and meats compared to traditional storage methods?

Depending on which fruit you buy, it will likely have a shelf life of 2-3 days and 4-6 weeks if refrigerated. Fresh meat, like pork, chicken, and beef, is generally good in the fridge for 1 to 5 days. Not only does this mean you'll be making regular trips to the supermarket to ensure you have healthy, fresh foods in your diet, but because these foods have a relatively short shelf life, some of these foods inevitably end up not being used and wasted. Our food vacuum bags can extend the lifetime of meat and fruit by up to 5X. When used with small or large vacuum sealer bags, our food bag sealer will allow you to freeze fruit, meat, and poultry for up to 3 years instead of 6 months when using other methods.

What makes Seal It's food vacuum sealer and bags stand out from other food preservation options on the market?

Our food vacuum sealer and bags system is manufactured to the highest quality and comes with the supremely convenient portable Turbo Seal Pro. Our small vacuum pack bags come in a 21cm x 22cm size and go up to our large vacuum sealer bags that measure 30cm x 34cm. Our vacuum storage seal bags are fully washable and used repeatedly in a world filled with single-use plastics. Because our food vacuum sealer with bags is portable, it's convenient for home use and great when travelling or camping. It's a great time and money saver and eco-friendly to boot, as it helps cut down on food waste and single-use plastic storage bags and boxes.

How can Seal It's portable vacuum sealer and large vacuum sealer bags benefit families looking to save time and money on food storage?

With recent data suggesting that an average family of four wastes around $1500 of food each year, it's clear to see why, not only from a financial point of view but also an environmental one, we need to find a solution. We're sure that families could find a better use for their money than quite literally throwing it in the bin, and our vacuum pack food saver does just that. The Turbo Seal Pro and our vacuum pack bags for food allow families to store food efficiently over long periods without losing flavour or nutritional value. Families can take advantage of our large vacuum sealer bags and conveniently store pre-cooked meals for the week ahead or keep leftovers fresh for another day.

How can Seal It's food vacuum seal bags and food vacuum sealer enhance preserved foods' flavours and nutritional value?

Our vacuum food sealer and food sealer bags enhance the preservation of foods by removing oxygen, preventing microbial growth, and maintaining freshness. By sealing foods airtight in sealer bags, flavours, textures, and nutritional values are all preserved for extended periods. Oxygen removal slows oxidation and preserves vitamins and minerals in foods like fruits and vegetables. Additionally, vacuum seal bags for food reduce freezer burn and help maintain the quality of foods once frozen. Our vacuum sealer and bags will significantly extend the shelf life of foods by up to 500%.